Belén H. Sánchez

Originally from Spain, Belen has been an immigrant since her teenage years. She has lived in France, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Hong Kong, China and the UK and will be the first to tell you that “expats” are just privileged immigrants. 

She organized her first demonstration at age 7, when her school gave boys kites as gifts and girls got dolls. She convinced all the girls to skip school and demand kites as well, on the grounds that they should all get to fly. An activist at heart, since then, her background and work on social issues has only grown. At 21 she cofounded Eleusis, an advisory body on gender policies. She then proceeded to work in healthcare across the globe, shaping policies on social security and women’s health. 

She founded MADE BY IMMIGRANTS after years of watching the refugee crisis unfold, channelling her frustration into action. A Trium EMBA graduate and serial entrepreneur, she has accumulated a significant business success and acumen. A firm believer that the future lies in social entrepreneurship, with IMM she decided to bring business and society back together.  

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