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made by immigants and refugees
IMM Shoes - House Shoes - Sustainable Brands



The hardships and struggles faced by immigrants and refugees after they reach their destinations, are far from over. We recognize this and believe in activism through action. 

Our impact is direct.

We hire skilled immigrants and refugees to design and craft IMM shoes.

We give the people we hire training and jobs, along with a sense of hope and opportunity. Through economic empowerment, immigrants and refugees are able to improve their lives, invest in their families and contribute to the economic growth in their host countries. Many, however, dream to, one day, be able to go back to their homes and, if or when that moment arrives, we hope that the experience given by IMM enables them to do so with upgraded abilities, renewed sense of possibility and a much bigger confidence.

We are committed advocates of dignity and equal opportunities for all, working towards a    progressive society that celebrates diversity and champions equality. 

We are patrons of change.


We advocate mindful and meaningful consumption


We believe in thoughtful, sustainable and timeless high-quality fashion, and hope our customers may share the same sentiment. 

We are mindful of the impact we create throughout the supply chain. From upcycling cast-off leather from luxury brands to the people we work with, we strive for: 


  • Ensuring the fair treatment and wages for all employees; both direct and indirect.

  • Recognizing, celebrating and preserving traditional craftsmanship and techniques.

  • Promoting personal and skill development for our employees. 

  • Connecting consumers with our makers and designers.

  • Striving to build long-lasting and healthy relationships with our suppliers. 

  • Encouraging timeless design over trends.

Slow Fashion Anchor


We disclose not only the costs and gross margin on each of our products, but also how we plan to grow IMM in order to impact and support more immigrants. 


We want our customers to know how much our products cost to make and to bring to the market, who makes them and who customers support with each IMM purchase. We are committed to doing things the right way and to work with sensible margins which allow us to grow and sustain our impact. 


We believe in transparency and accountability.

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