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Current geopolitical affairs are largely responsible not only for wars and international conflicts but also for increasing global inequalities. It is in this landscape that many have no choice but to flee, to risk their lives or to leave their homes and families behind in a desperate search for safety, peace, dignity and better opportunities.


IMM stand with immigrants for: 

  • Immigration is often not a choice. 

  • Immigrants are at higher risk of discrimination; often victims of xenophobia, mis-perception and inequalities.

  • Immigrants face significant barriers to integrate into their host societies.

  • Immigrants have a positive cultural and economic impact on their host countries.

  • Every individual has a right to a dignified and fair life.

IMM works towards enacting change and helping immigrants. 

IMM is a brand of hand-made shoes, designed and MADE BY IMMIGRANTS, dedicated to bringing the skills and potential of immigrants to the forefront, facilitating their integration and helping to convert global citizens into patrons of change.

IMM Shoes - House Shoes - Sustainable Brands

PHOTO CREDIT: Angel Marcos

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