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With every pair of IMM shoes, you are empowering and giving jobs to immigrants and refugees in Europe.



Current geopolitical affairs are largely responsible not only for wars and international conflicts but also for increasing global inequalities. It is in this landscape that many have no choice but to flee, to risk their lives or to leave their homes and everything behind in a desperate search for safety, peace, dignity or better opportunities.

Migrations are universal and atemporal phenomena that have been fuelling human progress since the dawn of mankind. Through migration, new ideas, new points of view and new skills are spread. Let’s not forget that the founders of Google, Yahoo, Apple and Intel are all migrants, as are a disproportionate number of Nobel Prize winners. Attitudes however, struggle to evolve, and many immigrants are met with xenophobia, a lack of compassion and poor prospects (in some of the best of scenarios). 

IMM was born of a desire to enact change and to help immigrants, by leveraging good will.

IMM is a new brand of hand-made shoes, designed and MADE BY IMMIGRANTS, dedicated to unlocking the potential of immigrants, facilitating their integration and helping to convert global citizens into patrons of change.

PHOTO CREDIT: Angel Marcos

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