Hi everyone, 

By now, we are all aware of the impact of COVID-19 and probably exhausted from the anxiety of it all. While we don’t want to add to the stress, we do want to let you know how IMM would like to help.

Our thoughts are first with all medical professionals and caretakers, and with those in most vulnerable states but without access to safety. Like you, we are touched by the heartening acts of kindness we learnt each day, and those rising at the risk of their own health to help others. 

At the same time, we simply wish to place a gentle reminder that while most of us are staying at home for shelter and comfort, for the displaced immigrants and refugees, home is merely a notion of utopia. 

IMM Shoes online store is still open and delivering. Until 11th May 2020, we will donate 50% of the profit from sale of each pair of Home Shoes to Care for Calais and Choose Love. Together, we can help to answer their urgent COVID-19 appeal, where refugees are more afraid of starving than they are of COVID-19 since NGOs have pulled out and state food provision has reduced by 50%.

Stay safe and with love, 


Care for Calais: https://care4calais.org/

Choose Love: https://helprefugees.org/

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